Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bats in the Belfry

Caption: Skunk Cabbage a.k.a. Indian Toilet Paper

That's what the Colorado River rafting guide told me. Very non P.C., which I never am (100% P.C. here! All the time! Is that redundant?). Maybe Native American toilet paper? I thankfully did not have to use it as TP, but I did use it on a 5 hour hike as Kleenex when the abundant alien flora stimulated antibodies. Soft and velvety and recyclable and wonderful. 

When you go to the same dude ranch for the second year in a row it's like returning to a safe wonderful family with old and new faces.

At a gourmet meal the second night I sat with a retired genetics prof from UCSF and her husband - a retired mathematics philosopher from Berkeley. I never thought I would be talking Drosophila and HOX genes and Bertrand Russell and Wittgenstein and Alice Waters all at the same dinner table. Math philosophers are capable of dishing out some crazy trash talk about the great minds. It was electrifying - I felt like I was in the presence of royalty. I've already booked next year and if I'm lucky I'll meet their daughter and grandkids - they promised they are working on it.

Jack's horse was Blackjack and Cecelia's horse was D.B., short for Diamond in the Brush. She called him Diamond. I steer clear of horses. You might remember a post I wrote about it on MiM last year: Summer Vacation. I remember composing that on a 20 mile bike ride.

Moose or Elk? Not sure. I heard different things from different sources. Maybe they look the same. Strange that such large animals create this form of waste. Like tiny chocolate Easter eggs that lost their foil and got dropped in the mud.

Dandelion Wine

Are blackberries supposed to be this big?

Happy 9th Birthday Jack (June 3). He chose Lemon Chiffon over Chocolate. A man after my own sour sweet heart.

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