Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

I was at a public lecture on Friday night with my friend Padma (that means Lotus, she told me) after a wonderful dinner. We met some of my most nurturing single mom friends. Padma is so good to my children - they love her and ask about her often when we don't get together on a regular basis. Padma is a histotech in the lab - one of the kindest hardest workers I know on the planet. I hope I pour as much of myself into my work as she does. She is a great example.

After the lecture I bumped into an ex-wife of one of my cousins' family members. I had to remind her of who I was - we hadn't seen each other in a couple of years. As her face dawned in recognition she opened up, and I decided I needed to tell her something.

"Remember a couple of years ago at the fourth of July dinner? I was going through my divorce and I was steeped in anger through experience of my life in colored vision. You told me how you and your ex (who was sitting next to her at the lecture) were friends and got along for the children and it was so good for them. I decided that no matter what was going on in my life right now that I wanted that. What you had. And I'm here now. My ex has an amazing wife and a wonderful new baby daughter who shocks me in her physical resemblance to my children. We are able to communicate for the kids and for our present without holding on to past experience. I listened to you back then and I decided to get what you had no matter how hard it seemed at the time. Thank you for your words. They were so powerful and when I see you they remind me of the seed that you planted and what you helped me to create."

She smiled radiantly. I introduced her to my friend Padma. We moved on to other people we knew in the room.

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