Thursday, May 15, 2014


I was off today, and it was blissful despite having to go into work for a bit after I dropped C off to school. I wandered around Hillcrest - my old stomping ground. It's been awhile. Spring was in bloom and the colors were striking. I bumped into some friends at Mylo Coffee (highly recommend! Fantastic Americano!).

I had lunch plans with an old friend and her 9 year old son - he was out of school for an ortho appointment. While my friend went to the bathroom we talked books.

"What are you reading right now?"

His face lit up. "It's a murder mystery. The main character just got locked away because he was crazy. He is in an insane asylum. All he can say is Purple Wave over and over."

Later in the lunch conversation after we talked work and school and miscellany the conversation came back around. I threw his words back in his face in a good way. "Purple Wave Purple Wave Purple Wave." He smiled and loved it.

I was planning yoga tonight but decided to meet my daughter for dinner instead with her stepmom, Aunt and Uncle, and baby sis. It is so blissful to hold a baby. She smelled so sweet. She played a grabbing game with some lip balm in my purse. Her curiosity fascinated me. She is my ex's kid, so I like to think she is my stepdaughter. I hope I can support her throughout life.

When I came home I was literally exhausted, having been up since 4 a.m. I lit a fire - it's middle of May and the weather should be stifling but it's chilly here. I hear it's snowing in Colorado. I hope it warms up when we go there for summer vacation in a couple of weeks.

After falling asleep by the fire, I woke up confused. C was checking in with me.

"Um, why is it still dark at 9:00?"

"Mom, what do you mean? You are scaring me."

"Isn't it time for school?" I was brewing coffee. "Why is is dark at 9:00 a.m.?" I was so rattled.

I rattled C. "Mom, I haven't been to bed yet. I was watching TV on my ipad. You fell asleep by the fire for an hour or so."

I had an epiphany. "Oh, that makes more sense! It's still today, not tomorrow. That's why it's dark. I'm so sorry I scared you."

We laughed about my confusion like banshees. We played music and danced. I settled her into bed - she has a sleepover tomorrow night that I am going to help with so she needs her rest. She fell asleep quickly.

There is a fine line between normalcy and insanity. I think kids get this better than adults.

Purple Wave. Purple Wave. Purple Wave.

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