Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dumb Ways to Die

I cannot believe this has been out for a year and got 80 million views before I saw it. The kids and I are addicted this week - Jack cannot wait to show me the game he has been playing on his app. The YouTube version is way better than the Spotify version - you cannot understand the words there it must be a different singer. I've almost got the words down pat.

The song reminds me of my first autopsy. A young man (they are getting younger and younger now that I'm 40) was trying to pirate cable from the house next door. He was up on his roof and got an electrical jolt that traveled from his left hand through his heart, delivering a final blow. The hand wound was not that impressive - just looked like a bad blistered sunburn, but the blowout on the exit wound located on his inner thigh was epic. It looked like someone had placed a tiny subcutaneous bomb. Boom. Skin and fascia and muscle fragments flew. We charted the evidence before we took a peek inside.

I studied the tattoos on his skin. I basked in the attention from my first chairman - there was a transition in the middle of my residency - who could wax eloquent about everything from the Ming dynasty to chainsaws. He claimed he attended the first autopsies of all residents, but I felt unique in the moment.

That's all we really want isn't it? All of us. To feel unique. And to not die dumb.

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