Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chain Letters

Caption: My favorite bracelet right now. Wearing it like a talisman. In addition to the thick masculine silver ring stepmom Rachel got me for Mother's Day with my kid's names stamped in cool retro type.

My daughter group texts on her ipad with a small circle of friends in her class. After I unlinked it from my phone, I and she felt more privacy. Recently she accidentally sent me a chain letter. She was trying to send it to a friend from school and clicked on Mom instead.

I told my boyfriend, "Ugh. I guess I need to talk to her about chain letters. Can you believe they still exist?"

We had the chat and Cecelia was simultaneously illuminated and mortified that this happened to me by snail mail in junior high.

I was tickled pink to learn that she and one of her friends made up their own versions of chain letters - spinning the old boring dry letters in a new way.

Cecelia's version:

You're supposed to pass this on to 5 people who are smart, happy, beautiful girls (I am replacing the emojis I do not understand with commas) who's last name start with an S, a W, and a G. If you fail to complete this task in 30 minutes you will have bad luck on the next ten birthdays you have. You will also become a cat lady and never marry! If you break this chain you will face the shame.

Cecelia in collaboration with a close friend's (amazing, smart intelligent as hell girl whose Dad I see and visit with in the Dr. lounge daily. They are from another country and it makes me so happy that my daughter gets this at her predominantly "Southern sameness" private school.) version:

Hello you're a person wassup pass this on to 5 people who you admire. If you don't do this by tonight you will have bad breath for a whole year and constipation. If you send this to more than 5 people you will have the best year of your life and if you do this to more than TEN PEOPLE you will die alone. Good luck time starts now eat your pie or DIE.

Eleven year olds are the craziest funniest people on the planet.

*This was posted with my daughter's permission.

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