Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Attic Junk

The Haunted Doll's House

This is my favorite Laurie Lipton. In her book she says, "If a drawing is a short story, then this is my novel. Forgive me if I don't take you into each image and every room and tell you the 'meaning.' This is an attempt to explore deep undercurrents by using metaphor and simile, a technique used by writers. Images can uncover hidden depths and reveal multi-dimensional levels of interpretation. By sticking explanations on to this piece, I feel as if I'd be confining and diminishing it. There is plenty of 'meaning' in The Haunted Doll's House, but it is seeped into the floorboards and hiding behind the curtains. It is for the viewer to ferret it out." Thanks, Laurie. It was this wall -sized piece that drew me in and got me lost and prompted me to buy her book in the 21c gift shop. I am still discovering hidden metaphors in each room. I get to make it my novel - a gift from her.

I've listened to this song ten times tonight. At least. I love hearing a new (to me) song and learning the words.

Jack accidentally texted a reverse smiley face this week(: Genius, right? I think I'll adopt it and call it the retro mirror smile emoticon.

You know what's so cool about Chicago now compared to four years ago? Hardly any cigarette smoke. In the heart of downtown. Day and night. Say what you want about the e-cig, but all the cool people are smoking them up there and the city is much improved because of it. It's got my vote.

Work has been brutal but good this week. I'd kill for a slow day to catch up, but the caseload keeps me flying and the day goes by.

I owe an e-mail to a friend. Happy Wednesday.

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