Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thank U

My spiritual journey with Alanis is now over. Thanks for your patience. Sorry I rushed things in the end, but you know how I've always been in a hurry. And I've got a fun girl's weekend to get to. I can't wait to eat at The Hive at 21c Museum Hotel. And there is a cool exhibit modernism exhibit at Crystal Bridges right now Laurie and I are going to check out on Sunday morning - I think my boyfriend is a little jealous, but in a good way. He's spending the weekend with his mother, who came into town for the first time since he has moved here. I hung out with them yesterday, sat in the backseat resting because I was still coughing a lot. We toured the buildings he designed in Hot Springs while he was working there - they are pretty amazing. I think these antibiotics are finally working. Thank God.

Flying solo but high.

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