Sunday, April 20, 2014

Not The Doctor


It is funny, listening to this through 40 year old eyes, after 20 years. I am the doctor. But I'm not the doctor. I was a psychology major in college but I failed my GRE's twice in such a not studying epic way that I was forced to redirect. I decided to try med school. I got in early decision, and now look who's the rock star:).

I listened to this album three times over the course of the 1200 plus miles to Auburn and back for a fantastically wonderful wedding weekend. My daughter composed and wrote an amazing toast on her ipad on the way there. When she read it, she brought the house down. The anonymous guest attendant next to me told me she should be the next President of the United States. I told her she would have to convince her out of her rock star aspirations.

Here is the toast.

"I remember the first time I met Aunt Sarah, she painted my face with sparkles to make me look like a Princess and I painted a pair of Angel's wings on her back. I knew she would be the awesomest Aunt ever and I hoped that she would marry Uncle Matt. The next thing I knew, Bapcia was telling me not to tell anybody that they had gotten engaged because it was a secret. I was so excited. I had another Aunt Sara! I would like to make a toast to my new Aunt Sarah and of course my Uncle Matt because of his good taste in the ladies. I wish them a happy life for the rest of forever."

Hope you have a blast on your honeymoon, you guys! Love you both tons.

Caption: Aunt Sarah and Cecelia. Bohemian Night Rehearsal Dinner. Fountainview Mansion, Auburn AL. 4/18/2014

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