Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Winding Down

Today I:

Read and released a record 170 plus blocks.

Unsuccessfully downloaded latest software on my Zeiss microscope camera.  I've got a help desk number to tackle in the a.m.

Successfully completed Her2neu Dual ISH training.  I guess that's not CISH.  Or FISH.  It's DISH.  I imagined counting too many copies of the offensive, aggressive gene on a satellite on my roof, beaming into space.  Watching the latest movie releases while staring at colorful breast cancer nuclei.  Chromogenic antibodies - anti-goat, anti-rabbit, anti-mouse - floating in the ether.  I passed with flying colors - 92%.  Isn't that an A minus or a B plus in my previous life?

Had sushi dinner with my fabulous friend Laurie.

Worried over my sciatica from my recent running injury on the beach last week (large spinal tumor?  Metastatic disease to the spine?).  Ran at 5:30 a.m., pre-conference.  The tide was too high, the sand was too soft.  My foot is still numb.  At least I can finally sit still without agony.

Comforted my son who had a busted lip bicycle injury.  Hugged my daughter to sleep - she has as much difficulty as I do winding down.

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