Monday, April 8, 2013

Here's to Baby Goats

Baby goats can rescue us from our worst pre-teen moods.  Even I had no idea they were so other-worldy beautiful.   This one is two weeks old.  Cecelia wants to take her home if she will stay like this forever (wish!).  Nice segue into my next chapter book choice - one of my faves - Tuck Everlasting.  We got three chapters in tonight.

Brave minds wrestle alligators.

Experienced magicians are sometimes surprised by brother-sister bonds.  I was lucky that both of mine were chosen to be in the 20 minute kid section of the two hour show.  I won't subject you to my multiple videos - saving that for future embarrassing high school graduation and rehearsal dinner moments.  Not that I am attached to either one of those happening.  Jack chose not to chop off his sister's head.  After he decided not to subject his own head to the guillotine.  Cecelia stole the audience when I encouraged her to go for it "I thought you loved me, mom!!"  Here is Jack, reveling in the late night after magic show dinner.  The magician Maxwell Blade made him look pretty awesome.

Here's to a wonderful Hot Springs weekend with Alligator Farm, fish, and Magic Show.  Much gratitude to our sponsor.

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