Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Fool's!

I know, it was a few days ago.  Forgive me, I'm a single mom in medicine.  I get busy.

April Fool's snuck up on us this year.  I was on call last weekend, and didn't get kids from dad and stepmom to celebrate Easter until mid-afternoon.  We had a wonderful scavenger hunt (tradition) blow out at my mom and dads, followed by a fabulous dinner.

After I got the kids settled in bed on the eve of April 1st I plotted ideas, but didn't land on anything specific.  I knew I had to get them, but wasn't sure how.  The next morning, in the middle of breakfast/lunch-making/getting dressed/getting hair done (C takes for-EVAR!) mayhem something came to me spontaneously.  Cecelia wandered sleepily into the front room absent-mindedly brushing her hair.  Jack had just come downstairs from 15 minutes on the Wii - his reward for getting up early, brushing teeth, making bed, getting dressed and feeding Katybell, our cat.

"Oh, Cecelia?  I was reading the news last night and I saw something really awful.  Disney World exploded."

Cecelia snapped out of her hair brushing reverie and looked at me.  "Wow, Mom.  That is really terrible.  How did that happen?"

I was busy cooking eggs and didn't see her face.  I stumbled over how to explain in my mind (bombing?  wayward Space Mountain car?) and was about to spit out some words until I looked at her.  Her face was drawn down in a confused, desperate frown.  Oh no.  She believed me.  I rushed to save her.  "I'm just kidding!  April Fool's!"

The relief on her face was palpable.  "Oh.  Mom, is it really April Fool's?  Thank goodness that didn't really happen."

A couple of minutes later Jack walked up to me, stealth-like, while I was distracted with breakfast preparation.  He confided loudly under his breath with concern in his voice, "Mom?  You have a hole in your pants."

I jumped and looked down, remembering stretching out some old, worn out jeans a few weeks ago and busting a hole near my groin.  Thank goodness he told me before I walked into work!  I didn't see anything right away and looked at him questioningly.  He grinned a devilish grin.  "April Fool's Mom."  I laughed, "I didn't even know you were paying attention Jack, good one!"

We had fun at breakfast and on the way to school plotting April Fool's jokes for their friends.  C got me back that night - I'll bet she planned it all day.  I was also inundated throughout the day with plausible snafus by techs and colleagues and gullibly took the bait.  I was a little razzed and tortured at work after telling my Disney story, but it was worth it.  I'll never let C live it down.  She believed me when I told her that Disney World exploded.  I've got magical mind persuasion powers.


The Red Humor said...

I forgot it was April Fools utnil I saw a bunch of FB friends posting ultrasound pics of "twins" . You did better than I did.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Oh that is hilarious. My FB friends weren't doing that. Maybe it will come to AR next year - we always seem to be a year or two behind the Atlanta trends (where my sis lives).

Unmarried me posting ultrasound of twins might have been too much even for April Fools, ha ha.