Wednesday, March 13, 2013


How is it that I can hear the drilling of the brick hospital facade like it is occurring in my own head?  The mind-numbing, irritating cacophony irks me to no end.

When I complained about it a few months ago the hospital contractors shifted the work to the weekends.  But apparently this work cannot be shifted to the weekends.  They have told me I can call on them anytime to get an hour break or so.  This seems like too much work for me, on top of everything I already do.

So after a few days of stewing and cursing and wondering if the drillers would drill any less if it was THEIR prostate (cancer) I was looking at and assessing for margins (apex, base, peripheral) and seminal vesicle involvement and perineural invasion then maybe they would they STOP ALREADY, I settled.  Into my new life.

I bought those spongy earplugs at the hospital gift shop.  I use them frequently.  Gazing into the microscope all day is a little like plunging into the ocean to scuba dive (love scuba diving) but with earplugs it is even more so.  I am truly in my own little world.  Much to the chagrin of the endless barrage of techs and secretaries and doctors with consults (asking or returning) knocking at my door (I CAN'T HEAR YOU!).  Plusses and minuses.  The earplugs deaden the noise, but it does not go away.  I hear it in my sleep.

They tell me this is a 4 year project.  Oh joy!


Anonymous said...

When I was an MS1 they were doing construction on something at the medical school (it's a state school; something is always under construction). I remember sitting in anatomy lecture and not being able to hear the lecturer despite the use of a microphone because of the drilling. We had to ask the dean to do something on exam days because of the incessant whirring and banging. Now whenever I hear that particular noise I involuntarily twitch, 11 years later.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

It's horrible, but luckily sporadic. I cannot imagine what I would do if the actual drilling was my job. With a complex so big it will take years to complete the work, I am hoping that it won't always be within my earshot.