Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If I had a DSM diagnosis, that's what it would be.

I can't shut down.

It's gotten me this far, so I am happy with it.

My son Jack was a little overwhelmed and hypomanic tonight with the tornado warnings.  I went to pick him up after yoga, at his dad and stepmom's.  He was waiting for me at the door, and jumped in the car.

"Jack, I have to go in and talk to your dad and stepmom.  Do you feel safe in the car alone, or do you want to go in with me?"

"I want to be safe.  But I don't want to be in the car alone Mom.  I'll go back in with you."

Got them all settled in my house, after handling the stress issues.  He was wired to the hilt.  It was entertaining.

Newscaster voice: "There is a tornado in Redfield.  17 houses down.  It probably won't make it to Pulaski County, but there is a slim chance.  Buckle down."

I laughed and reassured him.  "Jack, I wouldn't have picked you up if there were sirens going.  You are very safe.  I think you might have a great career in your future.  As a weather warner.  Or you can just watch it on the Weather Channel, and be a video game designer like you want to be."

"Love you mom.  Can I have a SuperHug.  How do you spell that?"

I spelled it for him.  He gives awesome SuperHugs.

Here's to hypomania.  Taking care of challenging diagnoses.  I work hard, and do it well.  No bragging, just unadulterated truth.  I love my job.

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