Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cleaning Spree

I'm on one tonight.  Food cabinets.  Baking banana bread.  It's a little ridiculous.  Mania is fun.

I just transferred all of my read books from last year from the "Read Book" cabinet to a drawer.  There were lots. Maybe close to a hundred.

My favorite book I read last year was Donald Ray Pollock's "The Devil All the Time."  A wonderful wild ride.  Need to order "Knockemstiff."

There were other good ones.  "Defending Jacob."  "Gone Girl."  Love Gillian Flynn.  Read all her books after that one over the summer.  This was definitely a year for mind-bending psychological thrillers.

Currently on George Saunder's "Tenth of December."  First story made me laugh and cry.  Subsequent ones engendered much emotion.

I love a well-told story.  Books and music are the best gifts in the world.


The Red Humor said...

I LOVED gone girl. Amazing writing awesome storytelling. I will have to look into her other stuff

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Gone Girl was definitely the best, but the other two were pretty entertaining and interesting too. You could see her emerging, as a novelist. Gone Girl just went to it's third home after mine, and my best friend at work (P.A. in gross room) borrowed her others, Sharp Objects and I forget the name of the other, as well. Addictive!