Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If I had a DSM diagnosis, that's what it would be.

I can't shut down.

It's gotten me this far, so I am happy with it.

My son Jack was a little overwhelmed and hypomanic tonight with the tornado warnings.  I went to pick him up after yoga, at his dad and stepmom's.  He was waiting for me at the door, and jumped in the car.

"Jack, I have to go in and talk to your dad and stepmom.  Do you feel safe in the car alone, or do you want to go in with me?"

"I want to be safe.  But I don't want to be in the car alone Mom.  I'll go back in with you."

Got them all settled in my house, after handling the stress issues.  He was wired to the hilt.  It was entertaining.

Newscaster voice: "There is a tornado in Redfield.  17 houses down.  It probably won't make it to Pulaski County, but there is a slim chance.  Buckle down."

I laughed and reassured him.  "Jack, I wouldn't have picked you up if there were sirens going.  You are very safe.  I think you might have a great career in your future.  As a weather warner.  Or you can just watch it on the Weather Channel, and be a video game designer like you want to be."

"Love you mom.  Can I have a SuperHug.  How do you spell that?"

I spelled it for him.  He gives awesome SuperHugs.

Here's to hypomania.  Taking care of challenging diagnoses.  I work hard, and do it well.  No bragging, just unadulterated truth.  I love my job.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cleaning Spree

I'm on one tonight.  Food cabinets.  Baking banana bread.  It's a little ridiculous.  Mania is fun.

I just transferred all of my read books from last year from the "Read Book" cabinet to a drawer.  There were lots. Maybe close to a hundred.

My favorite book I read last year was Donald Ray Pollock's "The Devil All the Time."  A wonderful wild ride.  Need to order "Knockemstiff."

There were other good ones.  "Defending Jacob."  "Gone Girl."  Love Gillian Flynn.  Read all her books after that one over the summer.  This was definitely a year for mind-bending psychological thrillers.

Currently on George Saunder's "Tenth of December."  First story made me laugh and cry.  Subsequent ones engendered much emotion.

I love a well-told story.  Books and music are the best gifts in the world.

Iron & Wine - Passing Afternoon

Rare songs invoke ubiquitous, mind-blowing images.  Here's to new discoveries.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday

I love working at the Conway hospital every other month.  Just for a day, even when I am pushed to get the kids out of aftercare by 6, it is worth it.  Most days there are not as hectic as today.  Regardless of the work, the experience is pure gold.  The spunky lab techs.  The amazing administrators.  The subtle wit.  This is on a lab fridge.  Beware of compromising specimens in the minus 20.  You will experience global wrath.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All You Ever Wanted - The Black Keys

I think I have posted this one before, but it's worth repeating.

Images remind me of lying in the bathtub as a child, submerging myself to escape from the world and enjoying my long blond hair fanning around me like a mermaid.

Women are beautiful, from childhood on up, despite and because of all that we face in this world.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

French Buzz

Jack's been getting all Spanish Buzz lately.  I had five years of French, so I naturally digress.  It's still kinda cute, in a Freudian way.  And affirming.  Even us adult parents, i.e. hidden kids, need reassuring.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ella Fitzgerald A Tisket a Tasket - From Ride Em Cowboy

Pillow Talk

"Goodnight Cecelia, I love you, I really need to get to lunches, lights out OK?"

"Mom, you just made me suppress a toot."

"Sorry, dear, I'm not taking responsibility for your anal sphincter."

"My what?  What is that?"

"Your butt muscle, you know, the one that controls the pooping and the toot squeezing.  It's kind of shaped like a donut."

C, giggling:  "Ewww, that's gross."

"It's even grosser for me to imagine controlling yours.  Anal means butt, coming from anus, another word for butt, and the sphincter is the squeezer."

"So now what is An-ul, um es, um butt?"

"What is Anna Elise's (one of her best friend's) butt?  I'm not sure.  I know Anna Elise, but I do not know her butt.  I'm not sure I want to become acquainted with your friend's butt."  I spelled it for her.  "A-n-a-l S-p-h-i-n-c-t-e-r."  Anal sphincter."

C, guffawing now:  "It sounds kind of like Annie's (her aunt) stinker."

Me:  "Annie's anal sphincter is a stinker."

C:  "I can't wait to tell Annie that!  Mom, you gotta blog about this.  Except you have to use the names me and Jack picked out the other day.  You know, I'm 'Hey hey penguin girl!' and Jack is 'JJBlue7!'"

She said that like she was on an SNL cheerleader skit.  "Someday when you have your own blog you can use those names.  I'm not gonna.  But I might mention them so we remember how hilariously ridiculous they were.  It sounds like you and Jack belong in a junior high chat room."

"Night Mom.  Love you."


Read it, over at MiM.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Keep Your Fairies Safe

Me to Cecelia:  "Goodnight.  You are very safe here."  She's been having some night anxiety lately, I was reassuring her.

C to me:  "What Fairy?  Why is it in danger?"

Me to C:  ????  "I said you are very safe here."

C to me:  "Oh!  I thought you said "Your fairy is safe here.  I was like, 'What?  There's not a fairy in the house is there?  Cause I don't want a fairy in the house.  Just us.'"

Me to C, after laughing:  "No fairies, C.  Just us.  We are safe."