Thursday, September 22, 2011

That Was A Crazy Game of Poker

One of the great things about care packages from friends, is that they send mixes with songs you forgot existed. I can't place exactly where I was when I first heard, enjoyed, replayed this song over and over, but it must have been college - because it seems like the memory emerges from a foggy beer haze. I remember singing this part especially loud.

So I said Johnny whatcha doing tonight?
He looked at me with a face full of fright
And I said, how bout a revolution?
And he said right.
I say of, you say a
I say revolution, and you say jah
I say of, you say a
I say revolution, and you say jah jah jah

I thought it was jah. This lyric youtube version above says die.

No beer today, I was working, but I enjoyed listening to it from big hospital to GI clinic and back again, over and over. Sun and rain.

There is no better care package - we do them twice yearly, than ones from my friend. Where else to you get multiple good mixes for me and kids, whoopie cushions, elegant Chinese fans, The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver (100 pages in and it is eclipsing The Poisonwood Bible for me) and penguin fruit chews. The kids and I were over the moon. I know you don't read this blog, but thanks, Jessica! Ce-silly already has a great big pile of gifts for you and Ella in return.

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