Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Sleepover

I helped my daughter host one last night. I promised her for her birthday, which was a whopping two months ago, so it was time I cashed in on it.

I don't do these very often, as it throws me all out of whack and can be overwhelming. I just basically worked two weeks in a row - having had call last weekend with a record number of marrows, and lots of tissues to boot. It makes me feel good that a weekend like that would have sent my GI tract into hyper overdrive a couple of years ago and now I can take it all in stride.

I had my tarot cards read about a six weeks ago, by the Mom of one of my great friends. It was pentacle after pentacle after pentacle (or was it oracles? I'm not too tarot card savvy). Anyway, it was about work. She remarked at one point during the reading, "You might think there are no more pentacles in my deck of cards. But with you they seem to be multiplying. You must be doing really well in your job." I replied, "Yes, I'm doing great. Bonuses are rolling in. I made partner last fall. I feel really good about what I do." She said, "Sometimes these readings aren't so much a prophesy for the future, but simply a validation." I guess it is nice to be validated every now and again. No cups, unfortunately. Sigh.

Anyway, Cecelia and I picked up her friend after I got off work, around 5:30. These are some new neighborhood friends - she and my daughter are in dance together and it was a bonus to find that they live a block away. Mom is a transport EMT and dad is a cop - not just any cop, but a special one that works at the Governor's mansion. This kid is obviously more worldly than my own daughter, but I like that she is extremely polite, ordered lots of veggies at dinner, and kept centering plans around me when C just wanted to whisk her away for herself.

This one cracked me up. "Cecelia, let's spin for your Mom." She started spinning, and spinning, and spinning in the living room. I was settled into the couch with my book and my SOBE water. Cecelia joined her for about five minutes, then said, "Sydney, I'm sick of spinning. Why don't we just go upstairs and dance?" She said, "No, I want your Mom to know that I can spin. I once spinned for 25 minutes straight." I told her, "It's Ok, Syd, I believe you - you can really spin."

"No, I want to show you." She kept spinning. C rejoined her. Sydney said, "Do you think you could give your cat a wedgie?"

I looked over at Katybell, then at Cecelia. C's mind was whirring with her body. I said, "I don't know, Syd, I don't think a cat's butt would work too well for a wedgie."

C said, still spinning, tripping over my big feet, "Yeah! And they don't really even wear underwear! And their butt is just so, um, circular. Circular butts can't get wedgies." They both giggled uncontrollably and collapsed on the floor.

A couple of fashion shows later, they corralled me into YouTube. Sydney was much more computer savvy than C, and was working my laptop like a pro. "I want to show you ET, by Katy Perry. But we can't watch the video, because the guy is n-a-k-e-d. Just look at the lyrics, they're ok." Later on, when C was playing "Imma B (sp?)," Sydney barged in on me while I was brushing my teeth. "Um, there have already been three bad words. We didn't listen to the whole thing, but I think we had better stop." I asked her, "Would your parents let you listen to it?" She said no. "Then don't." Despite the fact that she knew the bad words, and could spell them for me - B-I-T-C-H and S-H-I-T - I know C has no idea about these words - she was still checking in, which was good in my book.

They had lofty plans to stay up until 1 or 2 a.m., but they fell asleep at 11:00, thank goodness. They were being so rowdy in the room right next to mine that I almost sent them upstairs, but I liked to listen to their rowdiness, with all of its wonderful eight year old innocence. As I alternately read my novel and berated them through the wall for being too loud, I thought that maybe I could do this again, before another year. Because how much longer is it all going to be so innocent? So full of giggling about cat wedgies, and playing games, and listening to music without too many bad words on itouches, and falling asleep with the anticipation of morning cinnamon rolls and water balloon fights. Not much longer, I imagine.


rlbates said...

Glad it went well. Happy Mother's Day!

Kyla said...

We have kids sleepover pretty frequently around here! When BubTar turned 8 we had 5 boys sleepover...that was quite a night!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I feel like the kids are getting old enough, and I am getting more stable - I should do more!