Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've Got Friends

If you haven't yet guessed who helped me with my blog by looking at the addition to my admin on the top right corner, it is the Duchess of Cookies, a.k.a. DC. The designer formerly known as Prince. I mean Cat Stevens. Nope, Domestically Challenged. That's it. You can check her blog out here if you didn't already when I linked to it in a recent post.

When she agreed to take me on as a charity case a few weeks back, she had all these intelligent questions about me as a person and my interests which left me flummoxed. I began to google around and sent her random pics throughout the weeks. I was a little obsessed with lava, what with my upcoming trip to Hawaii, but we weren't able to make that work. Another site I am addicted to is the Nikon Small World Contest winners. If you've never visited that site, I suggest you check it out here. Scientist or no, you will have to agree it boasts some of the most amazing darkfield microscopy, brightfield microscopy, and polarized microscopy pics imaginable. I love to make my daughter try to pick her favorite (she can't). The one of many I sent that she converted to wallpaper is Roland O. Marsh's 1987 4th place winner - a 50x darkfield image of an Obelia medusa. It is a simple aquatic marine organism in the class Hydrozoa found in oceans throughout the world. Of the different wallpapers DC eventually created and sent for me to choose from, my kids and I were unanimous on this one.

I think I also mentioned somewhere in an e-mail way back that I like toe tags? DC took that idea and not only ran with it, she broke the sound barrier, don't you agree?

Thanks again, DC!!!


Ginger said...

I especially like how the critter looks to be swimming when one scrolls down the page.

Enjoy, dear Giz! It's been a pleasure to work with you and I am honored you thought to enlist my mad skilz!

Now I'm off to redecorate my own blog!

gcs15 said...

What a cool new look!

Thanks for suggesting the Nikon site! My son and I spent an hour on Monday looking at all the 2010 images; he was fascinated. (It takes something impressive to keep his attention for that long!)

Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Did you hear about the new eruption that happened at Kilauea several days ago? Wish I'd seen it...

gcs15 said...

Actually, you know, the new decor kind of makes me want my own blog. I'd be tempted to decorate with moon jellyfish on a dark background. I always loved the way they look in the big aquariums, like graceful spirits.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Wow, DC, since I have you on as blog admin, you were able to post a comment without me having to approve it. What powers you have. Mad skilz, magical powers, there's really no end, is there?

Glad you liked the site, gcs15! I love the idea of moon jellyfish. I'd happily follow you. I did hear about the eruption. Need to read about it. It was really smoking when I was there.

Ginger said...

Hahaha, I thought the same thing when it posted! OOOh, no need for approval!