Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day. I was going to try to google around and find a cool pic to post, but I opened up my friend DC's blog in my reader, and she so beat the hell out of what I could hope to do that I'll just post you a link - click below:

She has the most artfully decorated blog I know, and she changes it seasonally.

Today I was sitting in my partner's office jealously listening to her stories of her meeting in Vegas last week. A female barbershop quartet was in the transcription area crooning something barbershop quartet-ish, "Let me Call You Sweetheart," I think. Or something similar that worked OK with the gender transposition, those songs all blur together for me. I could see another pathologist - not the sender's husband - he happened to be working in Conway and I guess the wife forgot or didn't know - smiling encouragingly at the four singers, but obviously a little embarrassed to be the unwitting recipient of the misguided song-gram. Flowers decorated most of the transcriptionist's desks. I asked Michelle,

"She does this for him every year?"

"Yes. This is the same song as last year, I think."

"I've never heard it, I guess because I'm out in the hall."

"Every year. Since I've been here anyway."

I think she's been here seven years. That's quite a tradition. Suddenly she looked me in the eye. "Is it hard for you?"

I was completely confused. "Is what hard?" Vegas? The case I brought to show her? What was she talking about? Suddenly it clicked. "Oh! Do you mean Valentine's Day? No! Not at all." I smiled. Being single? Finally feeling independent after struggling in a doomed marriage for years? Happy, well adjusted kids despite everything we've been through lately? Wonderful civility in dealings with my ex, which seems to be improving as he and I both move on in our own lives? Nothing to be sad about on this Valentine's Day.

She laughed. "Well, obviously not!"

Hope everyone is having a blissfully Happy V-day.


Ginger said...

Why, Thank You! =o)

Happy V-day! Love yourself well! *eyebrow wiggle*

I received a barbershop quartet once or twice. I HATED it!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

If someone sent me a barbershop quartet, I would not be happy.

Kyla said...

I spe t Valentine's Day with a sick KayTar, but Josh and I went out to a Brazilian steakhouse for a nice dinner and Ben and Jerry's for dessert that night. It was perfect. It was the 10 year anniversary of whe he proposed to me.

MomTFH said...

Glad it wasn't difficult for you. I found it to be blissfully pleasant myself.