Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old New Music

Introducing the kids to Van Lear Rose this week. I hadn't listened to it much since 2006. Sicily's favorite song is the album title.

She loves the part where Loretta Lynn says, "You're dreamin' boy, she'll never look your way."

Jack's fave is Portland, Oregon. He calls it the Fizzy song.

I like that he loves it, but worried a little in carpool when he climbed out singing, "And a pitcher to go!!"


The Mother said...

If I worried that my kids would repeat stuff I said to them in the car, I would not be able to talk to them, ever.

Because they always, always parrot it back. Usually in totally inappropriate places. Like when my Stretch spent the Boy Scout campout extolling the virtues of pastafarians.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Ha! I actually had to google that. I thought you spelled rastafarians wrong. I was chagrined to learn that it was a national internet sensation, then checked the date the story broke - 2005/2006 - The year I had Jack, took my boards, and started my fellowship. Otherwise known as THE YEAR I LIVED IN HELL (every time I write in all caps I think of Death, thanks to you. Actually I've been thinking of Death a lot lately. He was so funny. Maybe that book is better enjoyed retrospectively, for me). No wonder I'd never heard of it.

I can't wait to introduce my own kids to The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Kyla said...

On the topic of kids repeating things...we have these little sparkler sticks that make sparks when you scrape them on something rough, like a brick or concrete. KayTar loves them, but Josh has to supervise when she wants to make sparkles. Anyway, after they came inside the other night she said, "I smoked with Daddy." (because they also let off some smoke with the sparks) I had to rephrase it for her and have her say it back to me so she didn't go to school saying, "Last night I went outside and smoked with my daddy!" LOL.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

That is funny!