Sunday, November 7, 2010

Madness, Murder, Suicide, Incest, and Ghosts

I was looking forward to this past weekend for a very long time.

My house is somewhat settled on the ground floor, I didn't have a conference to attend, I wasn't on call (well, I was supposed to be, but I fixed that - remember? I'm a partner now. I can sacrifice a little money for happiness, if someone is willing to take on the work), I didn't have a weekend full of activities for the kids, I wasn't moving. The kids were headed to Fayetteville Friday night with their dad, and I had the weekend to myself.

After a moderately busy week I was looking forward to an evening alone Friday night - take out gyros (yum!), massive project of moving the one hundred addresses I correspond with Christmas cards yearly from paper to laptop, addressing moving announcements, and watching three movies. Yes, I did all of that on Friday night. I stayed up rather late - one thing nice about these weekends alone is reverting back to my high school/college clock - I never started papers or test studying until at least midnight.

The only movie I would recommend, very highly, is Winter's Bone. Just watch it, if you haven't already. I haven't fallen so in love with a heroine since I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series for book club. I would have rented The Girl Who Played With Fire, but subtitles and laptop projects don't go well together, so I decided to save that for later. Luckily the other two movies were mediocre at best, so I got my project done. If they were as good as Winter's Bone, I would have been toast.

Saturday was sinful - laying in bed until almost ten reading/sleeping! I know this may bore people that don't have kids, but believe me, when you are a mom - this just doesn't happen. Unless you get a divorce. Not that I'm an advocate. I was somewhat productive the rest of the day with exercising and running errands and cleaning out/organizing Sicily's closet, not to mention buying frozen mice for poor Spotty who was a few days overdue on his feeding. I was buying time, looking forward to my evening out with my friend Laurie. Who made me a kick-ass CD I haven't quite gotten through yet.

Have you not already guessed what we did based on the title of this blog? Shame on you! Our plans were down to Hamlet vs. 127 Hours. Hamlet won. She saw the Broadway version with Jude Law a couple of years ago, and had read a review where a Wall Street Journalist claimed that this Hamlet, Avery Clark, was better than Jude Law's version. I had seen a picture on Arkansas Blog, and he was pretty hot, maybe even more so than James Franco, so Hamlet won. We had fourth row seats in the center aisle of the Rep. I remember struggling through Hamlet in high school, so I was a bit skeptical, but the three hour show went by in a flash, it was so incredible. I voiced my amazement to Laurie during the intermission - "Wow, I can understand Shakespeare - it is so much better acted well than studied!" She replied, "Yes, this guy makes Shakespeare seem conversational, and funny. Better than Jude Law, I agree."

In a planning phone conversation earlier in the day, Laurie mentioned how much she loved British humor. I said, "Boy, do I have the book for you. Soul Music, by Terri Pratchett." I gave it to her, with the embarrassing admission that I struggled with the humor. I wanted to love it, based on the person who recommended it, but I felt embarrassed and stupid that I plodded through it. I think it is just a British humor thing - you find it funny, or you don't. Monty Python, The Princess Bride - I just don't get the humor. I did laugh a little in places, especially when DEATH gave his drunken speech in the pub and passed out, but overall it sailed right over my head, and jumped around so much I was reeling. I can't wait to get her take on it - I may appreciate it more in retrospect. Having said all that - the first song on Laurie's CD, which I played over and over in the car today, is freaking hilarious. And I think he is British. So please don't give up on me, you know who you are.

After Hamlet Laurie and I had a midnight dinner at Ferneau - fried calamari, ahi tuna nachos, wine, fruit and cheese. It was decadent, and there is no better place to people watch while discussing Hamlet on a late night out. We agreed that Ophelia was a little stale - I remarked that she seemed the same sane as she was mad. Laurie said, "Yeah, she just looked a little more disheveled." Polonius was incredible. Claudius, who doubled as King Hamlet's ghost was good, but his occasionally muted voice made me lose a little of the text. Hamlet was a pleasure to watch - both visually and with his interpretation. Laurie told me, "Yes, he was hot, but gay don't you think?" I was shocked. "What, do you really think he is gay? Surely not." I remembered back to the spring where I went to a concert and thought a bevy of guys talking to my friend and I were gay, and I was dead wrong. I thought I was good at that sort of thing, but maybe I'm not. Marriage and the passage of time has ruined my radar. "You might be right," she conceded, but she left me questioning my judgement.

This morning was another lazy one - in bed late late late especially when you consider the whole fall back thing. Took my mother-in-law to a long overdue brunch (can I still call her this? What do I call her now? The semantics of family after divorce are really strange), grocery shopped, and finished the last of the book I was reading this week - "The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell" by John Crawford - in the gorgeous 68 degree weather down by the river. There's another weekend recommendation for you - a very readable and fascinating account of a soldier in the Iraqi War. I hate war stories in general, but each chapter told an isolated story of his year long stint. The dream vs. reality of his return home was heart-wrenching. He is no longer affiliated with the U.S. government.

I was so happy to see my kids at 5:00! Cooked Italian and then we vegged out on the couch with YouTube. They took turns suggesting searches. "The scariest thing in the world! The biggest snake on the planet!" and I happily obliged. When Jack got to a certain search, I almost fell over laughing at the result. He wanted "The scariest surprised fattest thing in the world." I told him that was a pretty detailed but general search and we might not get anything. Here's what came up.

I have to agree with YouTube on that one. The kids were cracking up at the video - we could only tolerate the first minute.

Hope everyone reading had a wonderful weekend.


Ginger said...

*Cheers* To your fantastic weekend!
Those Ahi nachos sound awesome!!!! I'm hungry!

You know, SOME moms do sleep in if they negotiate it with their other halves. I get one day a weekend!

100 x-mas cards???? HOW do you manage that??? *faint* I do less than 30.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Sounds like you have a better half - good for you DC!

Well, I used to do 100 - got up to 120 one year. This year I'm paring it down to around 70.

Kyla said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend. Laying in bed until 10 on a Saturday?! GASP! Josh and I are pretty equal partners, but these days we both end up out of bed by 7 or 7:30 on Saturdays because of the kids' various activities that day.

I went to the opera to see Madame Butterfly on Sunday. The rest of the weekend was pretty leisurely for a change! No sick kids, no parties at our house, no midterms or last minute papers to work on.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

How wonderful! I'm so glad you had a nice weekend, you deserved it. I've never seen Madame Butterfly - I'll bet that was good.

Kyla said...

PS: I love that Cee Lo Green song. I have the slightly edited version on my iPod, mostly because the kids run off with it and play songs without my knowledge sometimes. LOL.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Isn't it so much fun? I worried that the in your face title might inhibit people from listening. And I love that the video is as cool as the song.

I didn't know there was an edited version - I'll have to look so kids can hear it.