Monday, October 4, 2010

Fashion Show

A couple of weeks ago, my friend texted me. “Want to go to the Harvest fashion show with me?” Her babysitter was highlighting her designs at the fashion show and all of the models would be preparing at her house. Sounded like a blast. I texted yes.

So after my 3:30 massage on Saturday, I headed to her home. There were 12 girls getting make-up and hair done with music pumping in the background. Two of them were veteran models, one had booked covers, and the others were friends of the designer from church and college. They were all twenty-something – tall, slender, and beautiful. The clothes were hand-made vintage designs that took my breath away.

Most of the girls were students, and were enthralled by the house. “I work at I-hop.” “Really? I work at Friday’s.” Listening to them made me happy I was at least 17 years their senior and beyond working three jobs to supplement my lack of college income. In between gossiping and drinking a pale ale (they were drinking Franzia white zin – eww!) My friend and I took pictures and complimented them.

Make-up, pizza boxes, a fruit tray, and hair products littered the dining room table as the girls rotated from one station to another – make-up first, then hair, then to the makeshift dressing room in the sunroom. Each came out shining in outfits and ten-inch heels. I was impressed with their ability to walk steadily in them.

One girl, she had a blond pageboy and was impossibly thin, came out of the changing room with a white satin backless shirt laced with gold chains. “Can you see my pasties?”

In observation, one breast had one and the other did not. The pastie looked like a flower. It was kind of weird. Luckily, the other girls spoke up so I didn’t have to.

“It might be better if you didn’t wear them.”

“But it’s supposed to get cold tonight! I don’t want everyone to see my nipples.”

“Nipples are better than flower-shaped pasties.”

The hair stylist said, “I have some band-aids in my car. They are waterproof.”

Another model said, “I have some silicone pasties in my bag. They will look better. I’ll go get them.” They were by far the best choice for the intended concealment.

While the earlier rotators were waiting they practiced their poses they were asked to make behind the white entrance sheet draped before the runway entrance. My favorite was the Charlie’s Angel.

The twelve girls posed for our camera and we drove them down to the restaurant adjacent to the runway, buoying them with compliments as they piled out of the car. I told my friend I could seat four and was shocked when more piled into my car. I guess I had underestimated because they were unnaturally thin.

The show started 45 minutes late – plenty of time for us to wander down to the street to talk and socialize with friends we bumped into. The first strong autumn wind of the year arrived and we started shivering and used our sunglasses for eye protection from dirt and debris. All the girls looked amazing on the runway. The designer, obviously anxious during the preparation back at the house, looked calm and beautiful on the stage.

Later on my friend and I decided to skip the post-show take down at her house and headed to an Italian restaurant for wine and cannelloni. She ignored the phone calls with the area code from the college town most of the girls were residing in. “They can figure it out.” We talked about life and kids until almost midnight. I was grateful for the experience – it was unparalleled - if a little like observing aliens on a foreign planet.


Ginger said...

That sounds like a great night! I ♥ Fashion!

The Mother said...

Taking to 20-somethings is like talking to aliens, isn't it? And anyone who drinks white zin needs a mental exam anyway.

MomTFH said...

I personally wear combination silicone - bandaid - flower shaped pasties, and it seems to work out for me. Only when I work the runway, of course. And in the wards.


Kyla said...

What a trip! I'm a twenty-something, but I think my life categorizes me more like a thirty-something. I feel similarly about a lot of the people I am in class with...aliens!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

It was a fabulous night, DC! One of the best in a while. I needed you there to describe the clothes with your fashion know-how - I was at a loss.

I didn't drink any white zin after the age of 16.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I was wondering about the "waterproof" bandaids. Surely there was no danger of leakage. Maybe they are see through so wouldn't show through the blouse? My upbringing was sorely lacking in hair, make-up, and pasties tips.

They were like beautiful fairy aliens. Much fun to observe and learn about.