Friday, August 13, 2010

Whirlwind Week

So I've fallen in love with a house.

Don't tell my realtor. Emotion and business transactions don't mix well.

I think I'm going to make an offer tomorrow.

Tonight - sushi with amazing music discoverer Laurie.

Then Jazz Night with Rex Bell. His wife told a hilarious nursing story, which will be the subject of a future blog.

Great singing - by the eternally peppy Jamie, a nurse at the hospital, and some originals from a 13 year old up and coming, Diane Reese (hope I didn't mutilate the spelling of her name), who was discovered in the Great Arkansas Talent Search. Her version of Cry Me a River brought tears to everyone's eyes. After she played piano and sang two originals. 13 years old. Jeez.

Speaking of great voices, I'm addicted to this one. Sexy as hell baritone. Glad he is OK with the fact that his mom thinks the parody video is reminiscent of a pedophilic Inspector Clouseau. The video is funny. The song is hauntingly beautiful. Bloodbuzz Ohio. The National. Enjoy.

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