Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Big news this week. Big enough to shout from the booth of Purple Cow. From the mountaintops. From the clouds.

No, I did not publish a paper. Although I have in the past. More than one. None so interesting as the title over at Mom TFH's squee-worthy blog this week. But, I bought a house!!!

My very own home. Nice and conservative on the outside and in your face (like Jack above) amazingly updated on the inside. It's as fancy as the solarize camera effect on my Droid. I'm pleased as punch. Now I won't have to make two moves, and worry about a rent house. Between packing and working and signing contracts and filling out mortgage applications and collecting financial information for divorce and, oh yeah, kids first day of school is tomorrow gotta get back in the swing of making lunches and doing homework and C lost another tooth tonight so I'd better remember to play tooth fairy and presenting at breast conference Thursday morning - I've got no reason to complain of boredom.

I'm busy but happy. The planets are aligning.


Kyla said...

HOORAY!!! I'm so glad you got it. Congratulations!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Me too! Thanks Kyla!!!

rlbates said...

Congratulations! Where?

MomTFH said...

Sorry, I am way, way behind on my blog reader.