Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did I Tell You?

It's been awhile, since I talked about how wonderful my 7 year old daughter Sicily is.

I nixed the push-ups at bedtime, because that was generating too many endorphins, and we all know how stimulating those endorphins are. I know I need mine - screw the chiropractor's advice - I've been running maniacally, especially when I have weeks to myself like last week. Running is addictive and mind-numbing. It's been a couple of days - I need a good long run tomorrow. But we've been doing lots of stretches and yoga at bedtime, and that has been fun. She's determined to do the splits, and I've been stretching so much with her, I might just get there again myself, for the first time in twenty years.

While we are stretching, she talks about how much fun she is having at her LRCC day camp with her friend Phoebe, where she delights in being introduced to tennis (Mom! I made it over the "fence" finally, it was really fun), winning Aloha Bingo two times in a row, and being introduced to track dogs and tree huggers. I'm off this week, and she had a delightful sleepover last night with her friend Charley from her new school.

I hosted a five hour play date today with Jack's best friend Jack, and their shared name caused some pretty funny situations. When Jack H.'s mom was about to come pick him up, I heard water in the bathroom and became concerned about a mess. Wandered in and saw them standing on stools, looking in the mirror, and using foam hand soap, water, and a comb to create funky, spiky hairstyles. One Jack said to the other very seriously, "Who looks more like Airbender, you or me?" Very picture worthy - the Jacks. They played so well together I got a good chunk of my book read - despite sitting with them at lunch, making Lincoln Log houses, and playing Hot Cross Buns (the best I can do, after four years of piano) over and over on the piano.

Sicily is making the best of this rough summer - she is old enough to have empathy for everyone involved and it pains my heart to watch her growing up and having to exercise it all a little too early. She has a hard time shutting down at night (don't we all) and stretching is one solution - also reading. She reads voraciously. She has taken to sleeping on a chiropractic ice pack under her head. I just tucked her in - she fell asleep finally after wigging out over a large bug outside her window and a microscopic spider on her piggy bank.

Today was an awful day. I can't say that every day, but this one took the cake. Perilous head spins threaten to keep me up late - I see more insomnia on the horizon. I told Caitlin, "I've never taken a Valium, or a Xanax, or anything like that - never wanted to - but if there was ever a day I needed one this would be it." Luckily Mom's flying back from Montana early to help me weather the next few days, which promise to be pretty challenging. I hate being so cryptic, but there are things so painful, people say things so egregious, you just can't blog about them.

Did I tell you how wonderful Sicily is? Sleeping quietly now. Golden brown skin stands out shockingly against her white sheets with little roses. Caterpillar eyelashes settled atop her chipmunk cheeks. Her ice blue frozen ice pack peeks out under her silky straight chocolate brown hair. She breathes evenly in sleep, finally settled from her day. Tomorrow will be a new one for us all. Hopefully a better one.


Anonymous said...

I am going to have to try the stretching...I can not get my 7 year old settled down at night...

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I don't know if it is the stretching or just the time spent with her to settle. Something to do, anyway. 7 year olds can go on and on like the Energizer bunny, can't they?

rlbates said...

Best to you Gizabeth. Hope things are not as stressful as you imagine they will be. {{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

Really sweet post Elizabeth. You do have two great kids! :)

Kyla said...

She sounds lovely!

I'm sorry things have been rough. I hope today is much, much better.

For my occasional insomnia, I take a benadryl. It usually does the trick.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Thank you all for your support!