Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothing Much to Say

But I'm feeling bloggy, because I managed to get on the Internet with my laptop tonight, which is an anomaly in this household. Laurie's not even here, but she must have teleported her ghost to help me out since the PC decided to call it quits last night, Internet-wise. I'm anticipating Internet-less evenings around here, so I'd better get in my two cents while I have my chance. Tried to download Ramona's Microsoft Live Writer today, but my Mac doesn't like it one single bit.

I'm excited about my new sunglasses. I had to buy a new pair after I accidentally sat on the ones (my first!) that I bought last July while brunching at the Peabody last Sunday. My friend from book club, Kerrie, treated me to smoky bacon, cheese and green onion grits covered in poached eggs and great conversation. Can't wait to return the favor. I loved my glasses so much I tried in vain to get them repaired using multiple avenues (guess my smack-worthy ass can do some damage beyond repair). Luckily I had insurance, and sat on them at the right time - I got $100 toward a new pair. I thought I couldn't top the others but these are amazing. Versace again - I'm addicted to the expensive ones.

I can't wait to hang out with Rex Bell's sidekick in life, Jane - tomorrow night. Hoping to gain much life wisdom, while watching up and coming talent that Rex and Jane support perform in front of Virgin Records. I've never been to such an event, so it should be fun.

John and Sicily are at their dad's this week, but I got to hang out with them at dinner tonight and learned all about Cowboy Camp and Sleepover Camp - the ones they are attending this week. They are having a blast, so life is good on the kid front.

I'm off next week. We originally planned a trip to the Redneck Riviera but the oil spill has ruined it, and frankly I don't have enough dough right now to fly to the Carolinas (or the energy or inclination to drive). So we'll be enjoying summer vacay at Mom and Dad's on the Arkansas Riviera. Got brother and wife flying in from Ithaca this weekend. Sis, bro-in-law and kids coming from Atlanta Sat. thru Tue. and youngest bro coming in later in the week. Lots of family events planned. Looking forward to it.

Swam tonight - for the first time since last year. I had lofty goals of doing a mile, but was proud to just do half, and exhausted from the effort. I remember this being tough going in the beginning last year. Can't wait to hit more 50 meter pools this summer, and try out my dad's swim treadmill (yes, they have those - flow of water to swim against. Haven't tried it yet, but dad says it works).

Finally getting caught up at work with normal duties plus getting diagnoses on the charts at new pioneer clinic. I can't describe to you how crazy it is to have cases pending for almost a month - the disorganization and clutter is so overwhelming, especially for us pathologists who are used to having system in place and turning around cases in 24 hours. But we are finally in line to please the Health Dept. at the end of next week. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

House will be on the cover of the Real Estate section next Sunday - I spent all evening/night Sunday night getting it in top shape for the newspaper photographers on Monday. My amazing decorator found some wholesale flowers to spruce the place up Monday morning. Hoping someone will fall in love and make a great offer so I can start looking - Sicily and John's favorite thing right now is to plan their new rooms. Sicily's ideas - Rock n Roll, iCarly, tigers, baby animals, and crocodiles. She's all over the map - can't wait to see where she lands. John wants snakes and outer space. What an incredible combo.

Wish I had something more exciting to blog about. But maybe it's OK that life isn't very exciting, right now.


Ginger said...

1) You insure your SUNGLASSES??? *faint*

2) I wanna see house pics!

3) Are you a swimmer? Cuz, I'M a swimmer... not at present, but I was pretty good back in my day. I'd love to get my hands on one of those treadmill pools. I'm not willing to wear a bathing suit in public at this point but want oh-so-badly to get back to swimming. My daydream is to get in shape, join a Masters club and make the Olympic team as the oldest first-time Olympian!!!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

DC, I had no idea The Sunglass Hut insures a purchase if accidentally broken within a year.

I will look for contact info on your blog tonight to send you a link to look at pics - it is truly amazing and the cover of the Real Estate section is a coveted, lucky spot.

I quit swimming at 16 when I started partying. But yes, I was good, and my Dad had scholarships to Big 10 school. I tried again last summer for the first time in 20 years and got up to a mile, almost all freestyle. Then the 50 meter was closed and the swim teams crowded the 25 so I went back to run/walking. Now I am determined to get into it again. Good luck with your goal - you can do it! My chiropractor begs me to quit running - she said swimming is the best thing I can do to make my body last a long time.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

By the way girl, I'm on full time bikini, for the first time this summer since before kids. I'm almost 37. You can do it!!!!!!

Ginger said...

Dear gawd, it will take a TEAM of plastic surgeons to get my body bikini ready. My skin stretching genes were non-existent. NOTHING bounced back, it only deflated. Luckily, I look HAWT fully clothed!

YOU ROCK with your bikini self! Ass Smackin'! =o)

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Don't despair (or rush to the plastic surgeon) - you would be surprised at what bounces back and fades over a couple of years. My empty banana peel post-nursing boobs actually perked up a little. I've still got stretch marks and cellulite - but it is a helluva lot less noticeable.

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