Thursday, June 3, 2010

He's Five!

I know Ramona. This would be a lot easier if I just used your program - I've still got it on my e-mail - LiveWriter, right? In the meantime, My pics will be all jumbly (not a word, but I'm using it anyway) and I'll be too lazy to fix it because I'm hungry and it's time to leave work. But before I go to my laptop internet depraved house (except, magically, when Laurie shows up once a month) I've got to wish my son a Happy 5th Birthday on my blog. Well, I already hugged him and helped him pick out a present at the gift shop - no, he was responsible for the rainbow plaster cow figurine - thank goodness store manager and good friend Vicki was there with the Krazy Glue when he promptly dropped it on the floor and it lost an ear.

Thanks to my amazingly empathic and stunningly gorgeous summer nanny Caitlin for making sure I was a part of his big day. She'll get her own blog down the road - and in a couple of short weeks I am already so indebted to her I owe her books.

Happy 5th birthday John. Whether he's dressing up like a cowboy, cutting up with his cousins, or being a frog in his school program (is that an angelic or devilish smile? Both, I think) - he is sweet and wonderful. Sweetly wonderful.

How did the focally colored font happen? That is called voodoo. And since I accidentally erased two pictures and had to find them again I'm not going to try to fix it.


rlbates said...

Happy Birthday, John! Hope it's a wonderful one!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! 5 is AWESOME!!!!

Kyla said...

Happy birthday, John! Five seems to be such an important age to them, KayTar started trying all kinds of things once she was 5, she would say, "I can do ____ now because I'm FIVE!" It is adorable.

He'll be in Kinder in the fall, too? I can't believe how quick it has flown by.