Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jazz Night

Tomorrow night, I've got a date with the dialysis nurses. I'm over the moon excited.

After eating Pauline's strawberry cake a few weeks ago, I became addicted. Wandered back up to the dialysis unit to see an apheresis patient a while back, and I frantically asked Pauline, "Is it someone's birthday today?"

She looked at me, puzzled. I said, "Is there any more cake?"

Pauline laughed. "No doc, not today, but tell me your birthday. I'll plug it into my iphone."

I was flattered, and gave her the date, but also sad. August is so far away. But then I thought it might be better that there isn't cake. That divorce tapeworm I talked about? It has long been cleared from my system. I am back to daily maintenance. Weighing daily - I am convinced accountability is the only way to keep it real. Run/walking 3-4 days a week. Three modest meals a day with healthy snacks in between. Moderation sucks, but it is the only way to stay on the right track. Those people that claim they can eat anything because they have such a high metabolism? Watch closely. They are pushing food around on their plate, trying to hide their meager intake. Once we all hit 30, it takes effort to stay in shape.

Pauline said, "It was Shelly's birthday last weekend - we had a night out at the Afterthought. Wish you could have been there."

I said, "Oh! Do you know who plays at the Afterthought? Rex Bell! He has a standing spot once a month."

They looked at me incredulously. "Dr. Bell!!??! Why didn't we know this? What does he play?"

I told them he played jazz piano, and we hatched a plan. I called Rex and found out his next Thursday was on May 13th.

Shelly said, "Oh, I am on call."

"Well switch call, then! I am off. We have to go."

I hadn't seen them in a few weeks, so I called from Conway today. "Are you all going to stand me up tomorrow night? Or do we still have a date?"

Shelly laughed. "We'll be there around 7:30 or 7:45."

I am excited to hang out with them - they save my ass in so many ways. Hypotensive patient? Needs an IV bolus. Itching? Needs Benadryl. Respiratory distress? Call the real clinician. I am too lost in my scope to deal with these patient matters, and they are much better at it than me.

I called my partners Dianne and Maria, and they are going too. Dianne was a little surprised at my effort, "Giz, you are such the social butterfly! That sounds like fun."

It will be fun. I am looking forward to it - I'm having a week in Conway. Drowned in frozens today, so tomorrow there will be a lot of cancer cases to clean up. A night out with the girls and jazz piano (more hands!) is just what I need.


Kyla said...

How fun!! You deserve a great night out!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

That's all I've been posting about, lately, is nights out. I need to start posting more about my kids or people will think I've abandoned them (very not true).

I really hope your daughter is doing better, Kyla. I got chill bumps reading about your episode yesterday and got distracted by my own kids (up way past bedtime) - didn't comment. Glad the painful experience was relatively painless for you and her. What an incredible mom you are!

rlbates said...

Have fun! I'll be listening to Dr A's BTR show tonight. :)

Gizabeth Shyder said...

What is Dr A's BTR show?

Come join us if you like, Ramona! Dianne wants to come, but may or may not be there. I know you like to shut down at night - but we'll be there if you change your mind.

rlbates said...

Dr. Anonymous has a radio show where he interviews different bloggers, etc. We listen and interact in the shows chat room.