Saturday, April 17, 2010

Status Post Book Report

Last Saturday, three different stores yielded:

-Hello Kitty outfit
-Hello Kitty necklace and ring
-Hello Kitty stuffed puppy dog with hair tie dog collar
-Hello Kitty glittery shoes (Target!)

Yes, this is where I funnel my energy when my kids are on a weekend with their dad. Don't make fun.

This is what she said to me after she tried on the outfit last Sunday, "Mom, where is my face mask? I really want a face mask.

Got off around 4 on Tue., 48 hours before the book report, and decided to hunt for the face mask until transparenting time. Went to Party City. "I'm sorry! We just got the Barbie and Disney face masks in. The Hello Kitty should be here, but not until later this week. Can you come back?"

I ended up buying a face painting kit. I rather liked what I had done to her face with my eyeliner on Sunday, but I knew her standards were higher.

We spent an hour or so Sunday afternoon going over her book report, revising it, finishing make-up work from the Blanchard Springs day, but we didn't have time to practice her presentation. "Don't worry mom, we'll do it later this week." Wednesday night at bedtime, I worried that we hadn't practiced. "I practiced it for my friends Jacob and Thomas tonight while you and Christy were making sno cones. It went fine, mom. I don't have to do it again." As always (well, not always, but certainly more than I would have imagined at her age), I took her lead.

Thursday morning I woke up extra early so we would have time to face paint. I knew John would want some, too. I hadn't practiced, so I got stressed when Sicily announced over frozen waffles, "Mom, I want my entire face in white, just like Hello Kitty." I looked at the clock. We had about 15 minutes budgeted in, no time for a revision. I worried out loud, "If you don't like it, there will be no time for changing, OK?" I thought about past experiences with her when I screwed up royally and remembered the verbal repercussions. Fear reared its ugly head. I really just wanted to do the yellow button nose and whiskers, and I tried to talk her into this, unsuccessfully.

Here is how it came out. I'm no face painting expert, but not too shabby for a first draft. I did exactly what she said to do, and she was happy. John had fun, too. She told me excitedly Thursday night that it went well. I could care less about her grade. Feeling good about a presentation in front of the class with little to no practice with me? She's already light years beyond where I was at her age.