Sunday, April 25, 2010

Split Lip Rayfield

I am officially in lust over a new band - the one that opened for Les tonight. It was a bluegrass band I had never heard of - name is above. The bassist played a gas tank, and it sounded amazing - I could feel it inside every bone in my body. The guy that played the banjo had an incredible voice - I gave one song where he headlined his voice a standing ovation.

Les was great too - of course - he puts on such a good show. I haven't had much YouTube capabilities in my house at night over the past couple of months, so I was excited when my new e-mail buddy, MomTFH from MiM, told me that he is as entertaining live as he is talented. She saw Primus three or four times, back in her day, and knows what she is talking about.

My friend Laurie and I shared entertaining bathroom stories over the music. I was so excited I had to keep checking my watch to limit myself to one beer/hour - I tend to get carried away when I don't have any time commitments and I am having fun. But even at one/hour I had to make a trip/hour.

Here's Laurie's:

"There was someone in the stall next to me. She had a buddy, and she was obviously not feeling well, and her friend was a little messed up too, and was trying to talk to her to make her feel better." - - -

The friend, "Yeah, I know how you feel. I know what it is like to take ecstasy. You get overheated, sometimes. You'll be all right, I promise."

Laurie and I laughed. We've never done ecstasy.

Here's mine:

"There were two different cell phone conversations going on at once. One was:"

"You are locked out of the house? The kids are inside! You have to figure out how to get back inside, for the kids. I'm a little tied up right now (Les was about to come on), so you'll need to do it yourself. Crawl in through a window, or something."

The other was:

"What? She hasn't had a bottle yet? You have to give her a bottle. She needs a bottle, right now. Make her drink it, it has been a couple of hours. You have to learn how to give her a bottle without me, one of these days."

After the show, we went to the vending booths to spend money. While I was looking at all the Split Lip Rayfield CD's, trying to decide which one to get (such cool cover art!), and looking at the shirts, I noticed that Laurie was talking to the bassist! The one that played the gas tank! How do I find such cool friends? I quickly stepped in to compliment him, and learned what she had already gathered in their short conversation - he was pretty fucked up, and not easy to talk to.

I went back to the shirts. I told the pretty peddler, "I really like the gray thermal."

"You will love it, but it only comes in men's sizes. The smallest is a medium. It might be too big for you."

"That's OK, I like big shirts. I'll use it for sleeping."

"It's really soft. It will make a great night shirt."

I put it on right when I got home, and put the CD in. Can't wait to research and follow a new band.


Kyla said...

Sounds like a good night out!!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

It was much fun. A good night out makes taking care of your sick son and reading to your daughter at bedtime easier.

Listened to Split Lip all day - there are some great songs.

I forgot one of the best parts - when my friend Laurie was talking to Jeff the bassist (yes we looked them up on the internet when we got home, learned their names and history) a girl whispered to her, "Do you think he will sign his name on my boob?" Laurie looked at her, her large breasts, and said, "I don't see why not. I guess you'll have to ask."

We joked later that we would have to offer both breasts for him to fit his name in.

Ginger said...

Sounds like an awesome night! Glad to hear you got a chance to unwind!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Nights like that make a busy work week much more doable.