Friday, April 9, 2010


That's what I am, this weekend. They are with their dad. I worried, in the separation, about missing them on weekends like this, but I find that it is a nice respite for me. Today after a couple of Dr. appts., I headed to El Rancho mom and dad-o and tried out my new bikini - the one I bought a couple of months ago when they first hit the stores. Yes, it's bikini weather in AR. Not pool weather - it got down to 40 last night and heating up that shit would cost way too much $$$. So I just liberally applied SPF 30 (promise Ruby!) and soaked up the sun.

Headed to Layla's around 5 or so to pick up my new favorite salad - gyros. Spicy lamb meat, lettuce, and cucumber in a lemon vinaigrette with pita bread and yogurt cucumber sauce. Great bang for the buck. That reminds me of some other salads I love around town. I had the Mickey-D's one for lunch - they do a much better salad than BK or Wendy's. Spicy grilled chicken on lettuce with marinated beans and corn. Did I mention the rectangular Doritos that top it off? John wasn't around on the park bench I sat on at lunch (in the sun) to steal them.

Yesterday, after a pedi and shopping time at Box Turtle, I introduced my sis to an old fave - Lenny's philly chicken cheese (loaded of course - with all that juicy spice who needs dressing? Not to mention the nutty contrast of the sunflower seeds added to the mix).

I also love the blackened chicken creole at The Faded Rose - who says too much nitrates are bad for you? Ask for the Creole mustard dressing on the side - they get a little too drench-happy on their own.

An oldie but goodie - Scallions chicken, blue cheese, cranberry, chopped squash salad. I forget the name. It comes with a champagne vinaigrette but I prefer the fat-free herb - not because it is fat-free but because it is leafy green with the perfect amount of vinegar and oil. Dump the whole thing on top for a great mix.

So. Plans for a kid-less weekend. I haven't perfected them, yet. Definitely will hit the stores with mom to get that puppy costume for Sicily and fill out their summer wardrobes - I cleaned out their closets this week and am happy to say J and C will no longer be hitting their clothes stashes up for size 2 and 3 (they are 7 and 4, remember?). Got a 90 minute massage planned in the afternoon.

I also think I want to go to a movie - checked out my friend Laurie's weekend plans while I was at work today and I think she is game. I am dying to try out that Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island?) that my colleague Dr. Woods raved about and said would be right up my alley. He has a regular weekly movie night with the guys so he is a great resource. I love that I named him Dr. Woods after Tiger - long before the proverbial shit hit the fan. I also think it is hilarious that the obscure multi-million dollar conglomerate had to do damage control and remove all of their billboards when ole Tiger got his hands caught in the cookie jar. "Do it the Tiger way." Hee hee.

Happy, hopefully kid-less weekend to you.

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