Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Quartet

Read it over at MiM, some time Saturday I am guessing is when Boss KC will schedule it. If you are a new reader and at all interested, click on Mothers In Medicine on the blog roll to the right to look for it.

Glad topic week is over! I am exhausted. And call week is not far behind - only three more days. I am planning a nice evening alone tomorrow night much like the one I had last Friday - sushi, wine, Etta James real loud, and early to bed.

Hopefully the Spring Break slump will last into call weekend (knock on wood). I've been reducing a lot of the piles in my office this week and it is becoming recognizable again. This crazy winter kept me running around too much. I'm glad it is Spring.


Unknown said...

Heh, I remember when you very first started nursing Sicily, you were constantly mixing witches-brew concoctions of various creams, gels and pastes that anyone would recommend as soothing. It seems like everyone had advice on that one.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Man, that first time nursing was rough on the skin. I was incredibly frantic for a cure. I finally found those nipple shields to let me heal and her still nurse. Was able to get rid of them after a couple of months. I thought they were the greatest invention ever in the galaxy throughout the history of the Earth, at the time. I used to have nightmares, when I needed them so bad, that I had lost them.