Monday, February 1, 2010

John Learns to Swim

He had just turned three, this summer. I love this video. My Dad shared it with me a little over a week ago, when we were working on Sicily's Star Student poster. I love that my Dad was encouraging them to slide, not just ham it up for the camera. And me, nervous Mom, hanging out in the background in case John got in trouble. But he didn't. He finally went horizontal, and made it. He's got some good swimming genes. His grandfather, my Dad, swam alongside Mark Spitz (albeit fleetingly) on a swim scholarship to Iowa. Dad held state records in the Butterfly in Tennessee. He realized in college, on a burst of war drafts, that he needed to do something besides swimming to avoid the war - at that age, like many others around him, he was a conscientious objector. So he went to medical school, and got accepted right before he got drafted. Med school was his golden ticket out of Vietnam. Thank goodness, or I might not be alive today. Not to mention the thousands of neonates he has saved during his career.

I think what I love most about this video is Sicily at 5 being so incredibly sweet to her little brother. Making room for him on the slide, and teaching him how to mug for the video camera. She was an old veteran at the swimming, and steered clear so he could have room to get there. Brother and sister interaction isn't always kind and nurturing, which is OK, because that is how we learn to get along in the world. But it is nice to have proof that sometimes (actually a lot of the time) - they are looking out for each other.

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