Sunday, January 31, 2010

Star Student

It's Sicily's turn, this week. We worked on her poster all day. Well, she did most of the work. Above her favorite picture, she wrote, "Let's rock out." The tiny, unreadable captions she wrote have lots to do with "rocking out" and "Jammin' out." She was so funny today - "Mom, I didn't know I was so rockin' and jammin' when I was younger!" I told her, "Yes, Sicily, you have always been this way." I wish I knew how to rotate that first picture.

At a birthday party tonight, (it was a "make-up" one from the snow day Sat., and all the kids were exhausted) she rocked out with a bunch of her classmates, despite a day long battle with intermittent sinus headaches and tummy aches. She passed on the cake. I was worried. Sicily never passes on cake. But she still managed to pose for the camera with glamour and personality. That's my girl.

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