Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Wired

You can read it over at MiM. (I love how that sounds like nimh. As in Mrs. Frisby and the Secret Rats of).


Unknown said...

I watched Nimh on Hulu a few months ago - still magical and fantastic.

Effie and I have talked about Internet access for kids, without coming to any definite conclusions. I'm inclined to let them have more-than-less access. Good computer and Internet skills are invaluable.

There's two routes to take. First, use Comcast or a separate box (i.e. like your wireless router) to filter the internet. Works great, until the kids get laptops and connect to the Neighbors open network (there's 8 in our neighborhood).

The second is a solution that's physically on the computer, like some good monitoring software. This is probably the ideal route, and there's a ton of solutions out there. They're nice because you can actually go through and see what they've been doing.

Ultimately, kids will bypass anything, though. The monitoring software can be bypassed with a simple Operating System On A CD which you can download, burn, then put in your drive and reboot. Instant bypass of the parental restrictions. See for a small list of these.

I dread the day when I lose touch with technology and can't be one step ahead anymore.

BTW, I had a TV in my room from 6th-12th grade. I watched a lot of junk (i.e. probably every Night Court produced), but did become fascinated in "Science" via the Discovery Channel at a young age.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Thanks, Mike. What great advice. Now I know who to call when I finally get them plugged in.

I agree that I don't want to be a Nazi about the internet, and I am sure they will be smarter than me in no time. I like the monitoring software idea. Not to be nosy, just to stay in touch.

Mom and dad were a lot more lax with you and Matt than me and Sara. I think they were just exhausted by then. We wore them out.