Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

Well, my daughter's art is pretty miraculous. She called this one "Potato Penguins." I asked her a couple of months ago, "Why potatoes?" "Potato stamps, mom. I used potato stamps to make them. It was easy." I had never heard of those, but loved her penguins so much I vowed to save them for the Christmas card. Then I used kid pics instead, so here are the penguins in a Christmas Eve Eve post.

But that's not the miracle I'm talking about. It deserves a long, wonderful post, one that I will write eventually, when I am not wrapping presents and setting the table for Christmas Eve dinner, and readying myself for a final day of work before Christmas vacation. For now, a few words will have to suffice.

Welcome, welcome to the newest addition to the Gasper family, Lorelei Ruth. She is a beautiful 4lb. 5oz. bundle of peacefulness and serenity that I had the privilege of meeting this morning in the NICU. I cannot imagine what it is like to find out at noon you will be a parent, meet your daughter, sign the papers, and learn you will probably take her home on Christmas Day. After a long wait, what a tremendous amount of body-rocking and mind-blowing emotion to experience during the holidays. I got to watch her dad and mom take turns holding her and telling her amazing story - the beginning of their journey. I could hardly work today because I kept thinking about them and getting choked up.

She is ravishing. She looks a lot like her adoptive mom, Courtney. Luckily, she doesn't favor her adoptive dad (hee hee just kidding Brent) but I hope like hell she adopts his enormous compassion, humor, and intelligence. What lucky parents. What a lucky little girl. I can't wait to see her again tomorrow.

By the way, guys, I am dropping off a very un-festive collection of Kroger sacks filled with essentials on your front porch on the way to work tomorrow. Congratulations, you three!


rlbates said...

Love the penguins!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Thanks, Ramona! Merry Christmas to you and your family.