Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Band Practice #2

Just finished a three hour session, after three scheduled practices were interrupted with duck hunting (not me), family, and work. It is amazing how much better I felt after just trying for the first time earlier this month. I needed two glasses of wine and a beta blocker (no, I don't take those often, just had a leftover prescription from when I was on TV for the swine flu earlier this year). I felt so self-conscious, that first night, internally self-berating that I had never learned a musical instrument, cause he was so good. Still falling short. I think I need to accept the fact that I will never feel like I measure up to anyone. And just quit worrying about it. Doesn't everyone feel this way?

At a party a couple of weeks later, my friend's wife laughed. "Chet said that all singers are like that in the beginning. You will do better next time." In the interim, I learned a few new songs and found myself singing better to car CD's - not comparing myself to all the singers and feeling like I was falling short (again), but finding where I could sing well within my range and (gasp) do better. My own voice.

Tonight, a couple of cups of coffee and a giant Powerade prepared me, and I got through the long practice with just two beers. GD, blues, etc. My friend and his wife were encouraging. He played great - so incredibly talented - he could just pick up a song on his guitar he didn't know when I sang it. We mastered about four or five songs and played around with a bunch more. He played some amazing original stuff I want to try to write to. We planned to try to meet again next week. It is so fun to have something non-work related to look forward to.

Excuse me, I've got to go write my Grammy acceptance speech (hee hee just kidding).

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