Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm dying to blog about Alcatraz and San Francisco, but I'm so exhausted from traveling all day yesterday, and being up all night with a puking son, and having a whopping record number of blocks today that I still haven't finished, that it's not going to happen tonight. Instead, I just want to quickly refer a blog by a primary care pathologist (like me!) who is new to the blogging scene, and quite excellent. Gregory Henderson wrote a great blog about the landmark federal task force decision, one I read about in the restaurant at the Palace Hotel. While I was reading my eyes got as big as saucers and I almost fell out of my chair. You know the one - the new controversial mammogram guidelines. His blog, posted today, is titled "Hell Hath No Fury like 287 Breast Cancer Patients Scorned." I wonder what the numbers are in my own practice. It's as entertaining as Gail Collins' NY Times editorial, The Breast Brouhaha.

Important breast reading, for now. Alcatraz later.

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