Thursday, November 12, 2009

Park The Van

This is an amazing record label. I am so impressed with everything I am hearing from them. The Peekers, Dr. Dog, Floating Action, etc. I got a mix recently, and have been enjoying it with the kids on the way to school.

My favorite song this week is by the Generationals. I tried to find the lyrics or the youtube video to embed, but no dice. So I will try to recite the chorus from memory. Don't quote me.

Everybody's making faces in the dark
Don't stop struggling that's what sets you apart
It's the ghost of inhibition that keeps breaking your heart
Everybody's making faces in the dark.

It's pop, it's fun. They have other great songs on their debut album, Con Law, like Angry Charlie, When They Fight, They Fight, and Nobody Can Change Your Mind. But this is the one me and the kids are addicted to, this week anyway.


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Gizabeth Shyder said...

Found it, thanks! Still love the song.