Saturday, September 19, 2009

Encountering Random Art . . .

It continues. Via the internet. Sicily's art teacher sent a flier allowing me to sign up to a website that shares kid's art internationally. I have sole rights (with the school) to invite family to view the art and can preview and allow comments, like on my blog. Granted, it smacks of a marketing scheme, cause you can buy all sorts of calendars, coffee mugs, and t-shirts plastered with your kid's art, but it's still genius, I think.

I got my first e-mail today with some of her art scanned in. Here it is. I love it! She's gonna be famous, someday. The website is called

Another place I have been encountering kids art lately is on my iphone. I downloaded a free app called Canvas Artist, and the kids are way more enthralled with it than with Paper Toss or CatchaMouse or Chase the Dot. They can play around with the colors and shake up their picture if they don't like it, like an etch-a-sketch, and it disappears. If they want to save it, it goes into the camera photos. Here are some examples, Sicily:

And John:

I'm having a little trouble with the layout, and apologize. I want to add a little more, but can't seem to get it right, so I'm just going to continue in a new post.

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