Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazy Lizzie

I said earlier, that I started swimming for the first time in 10 years, but really, when I think about it, it's been 20 years.  I'm that old.

But I was proud of myself, because I had been swimming 10 lengths, or 20 laps, in the 50 metre pool.  Until I bragged to my father last Friday.

I went to their house with the kids, for turkey tacos and a swim.  

"Dad, guess what?  I started swimming again."

"How much are you swimming?"

"10 laps."

"That's about a third of a mile.  Do you mean 10 lengths?"

"No, 20 lengths.  10 round trip."

"Oh, that's 2/3rds of a mile.  Even better.  What stroke?"

"Mostly breast stroke.  A little freestyle.  Maybe 4 lengths.  Some backstroke."

"Breast stroke is a lazy stroke."

My dad swam in Memphis, growing up, and held some state records in the butterfly.  He went to Iowa, a big ten school, on a swim scholarship.  He swam alongside Mark Spitz.  When he realized he probably wouldn't make it to the Olympics, he applied to med school to escape the draft.  He was accepted, I understand, days before he got drafted to the Vietnam War.  So he didn't have to go.  Which is why I probably exist on this planet, today.

Damn it, I am NOT lazy.  So when I went to the Racquet Club earlier this week, I swam 24 lengths.  I added a bunch of freestyle, which really gets my heart rate up.  I asked my kid's swim instructor, James, how many lengths was a mile.

"1500 metres."

I had only done 1200.  So today after work, I was determined to do a mile.  And I did.  12 laps breast stroke, 12 laps freestyle, and 6 laps modified backstroke - no arms.  Just kicks.  I had my arms extended above me, like a rocket ship.  Or an enema.  You pick.

When I was finished, my legs were like jelly.  I had one of those awful cramps in my toe - the lack of electrolyte cramps that occur from overdoing it.  Despite the fact that I was late picking up Ike to host a party, I had to lay down on a chair and rest for ten minutes, before I was able to walk again.

Hopefully I can impress my dad.  If not, I will push it even harder next week.


ts said...

you are anything but lazy! i can't believe that you swim so much! no more running in underwear?

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Swimming and running!! Only underwear if I am on the treadmill.

Aren't you still biking and running marathons? Oops, I mean after Luke comes along . . .

My dad was just teasing me, but you know how it is with your dad.

christie said...

If I had a similar conversation with my dad, it would be about how many acres I mowed (or neglected to mow).

Whew, what a close one! I didn't realize you and your siblings had come so close to not existing!

Glad to hear you limit the underwear running to the treadmill. Just this morning, I was stepping out the door to go for a walk and realized I had on no pants. Another close one!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

When I went to Florida with friends and family last year, I packed my running clothes. I had not yet run outside, and forgot to pack running shorts. I stupidly realized I couldn't run in my underwear, and had to wear some cheesy stiff khaki shorts all week.

I went to the mall the next week and bought running shorts, for traveling.

Watch out if you try it - running in your underwear is so liberating, you'll have trouble putting those shorts on to go outside.