Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Highlight the Important Things

I was just making the kid's lunch and started cracking myself up at a series of inane conversations I have been having with Sicily over the past few days.  

Two new food products were introduced to my kids last week on vacation.  First, Aunt Esta brought out Oreo Cookie Cakesters for kid dessert a couple of nights - a sort of puffed up soft Michelin Man version of the original Oreo.  Sicily begged me to look for them at the grocery Sunday for their lunches this week, so I complied.  Second, on the way home in the airport, John picked out a gourmet version of a kid's meal with deli ham, crackers, different kinds of cheeses, and a creme de menthe - the adult version of the lunchable.  They loved them so much I also looked for that at the grocery, but could only come up with the kid version, so I bought a few to try out.  The introduction of both new terms to our food repertoire has brought confusion to the house.  For example:

"Mom, can I have a cakeable for dessert if I eat all my chicken?"

"It's not a cakeable Sicily.  It's a cakester."

"Oh.  I mean cakester.  Can I mom?"

And this:

"Mom, I really don't like the ham that comes in that lunchster.  Could you please add some deli ham so I can use that instead?"

"Sure, but it's not lunchster.  It's lunchable, remember?  Cakester, lunchable."

Here's another:

"Since John and Daddy got to go to the ice cone place can I have two cakeables for dessert instead of one (ever the budding lawyer)?"

"Cake-STER, Sicily.  Cake-STER."

Why do I even bother correcting her on these NON-words?  That's the ridiculous part of it all - me.

Anyway, after both kids rejected the lunchable soundly (as they should, but you sometimes get desperate when returning from vacation) we decided to get some fancy tupperware and create our own version of the lunchable.  Thin-sliced deli ham, whole wheat crackers, whole foods cheddar cheese, fruit (juice for Sicily), and maybe a cakeable for dessert.  I think I'll call it the lunchster.


ts said...

you have a whole foods in LR now??

Gizabeth Shyder said...

I think that's what it is called? Health food store in WLR - I'm not sure.
I wish we had Trader Joe's!