Monday, May 11, 2009


That's the sound of the beginning of a million telepathic messages being sent to my brother - join in if you want.  Make it louder - supersonic.  Good luck ones.  He is having surgery tomorrow.

Last time he had a big surgery was B.C. (before Cecelia/Sicily - you know who I am talking about) and I got to fly up to Cleveland for a week.  This time I can't be there.

But luckily the hospital in Rochester is equipped with WiFi, so he will be plugged in.  Hopefully that will make for a better hospital experience than back in '02.  It sucks being a patient.  No control.  I was a patient when I went into early labor for about three days back in '05, and I almost went insane.  Michael's visits can push a month.

And since he is one of my few faithful reader/frequent commenters, I am going to try to keep him entertained.  He might get bored without the business of settling into a new marriage and pursuing his Ph.D.  Fair warning - you may want to ignore me for the next couple of weeks if you aren't family - I might become frequent, silly, and annoying.  Remember?  Annoying my little brother?  Nothing better for getting well.
This is one of my favorite pics of him.  It was taken a while ago, but I swear he looks exactly the same.  Good genes.  He got them, at least.

I'll be thinking about you in the morning, Mike!

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