Friday, May 22, 2009

Dirty Dozen

It's Ike's and my 12 year anniversary today - not the one where we spoke our vows in front of friends and family in my parent's backyard, that's on the 24th, but the one where we drove to the bail bondsman in Geyer Springs in Ike's non-air-conditioned white toyota pick-up.  We both wore cutoffs and t-shirts, satisfied the government with a brief ceremony in a trailer with scantily clad women posters on the wall, and honeymooned at Denny's.

Tuesday morning, when we were getting ready for work, I wished Ike a happy anniversary.  He said, "This isn't our anniversary."  I said, "I know, not the real one, it's the one where we went to Southwest Little Rock."  

"No, it isn't.  That was on the 22nd."

"I am sure it was on the 20th.  I never forget things like that."  I was staunchly resolute, as I often am in my fallacies.

"No, I am 100% sure that it was on the 22nd.  I just had to order a marriage certificate for the refinancing."

Oh.  Hard to contest that one.  I'll bet I would have been able to convince him otherwise if he hadn't just laid eyes on the date.  In retrospect, I love that I was wrong - such a male thing to do.

Anyway, we are celebrating our 12 years over the next few days.  Lucky us - we get more than one date.  Ike doesn't read this blog, he doesn't even know the address (although I have given it to him multiple times), and requested, in the beginning, that I don't write about him.  Hard to exclude the person you have lived with for 13 years, but I try to honor it.  Also hard to blame him for not reading the blog, after all, he has to live with my neuroses - why should he read about them as well?  That would be sure overkill.

One of my favorite compliments Ike has ever given me came on the couch, sitting down after the kids were tucked in, about 8 months ago.  He said genuinely, "You know what I really like about our marriage?"

I answered curiously, "What?"

"That you are not a nag."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I watch a lot of other couples, and a lot of women nag their husbands.  You don't do that.  I am really grateful for that."

I'll have to hold that over his head someday when he accuses me of nagging him.

Happy anniversary to a great partner-in-life and father.

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