Saturday, April 18, 2009

New I Shuffle

Don't buy it.  I just took it back after two weeks.  I was so excited when I accidentally left my ishuffle in Nebraska - and excuse to buy a new one.  So I did.  I excitedly loaded up my new shuffle with all the tunes in my library.  Then I woke up early and went down to run.

I couldn't find the control button.  So I had to listen to schoolhouse rock.  Where the hell were the controls?

I had to read (god forbid) the manual.  I learned that the controls were on the godforsaken ear buds.  The ones that come with the product -- those that need to be thrown out, because if you try to run over 2 miles/hour (I like six or seven best), they fall out.  

I tried to use them.  I was excited about the new features -- the ones that announced the battery and the next song.  But the ear buds kept falling out.  Of my ears.  Definitely not worth the almost 100 dollars I spent.  Furthermore, I couldn't keep the damn thing charged.  Even when I tried on my supercomputer at work (they finally replaced our ten year old models last week at work).

I exchanged it for a nano.  Can't wait to load it up again.  


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