Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I wonder if, when Gregory Maguire wrote Wicked, he realized that he was naming Elphaba's mother after the medical term for black, tarry, foul-smelling stools that are usually the result of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage?  If so, great, but it sure made for a distracting first third of the novel.  Especially since she is supposed to be so ravishingly beautiful.  Maybe the name is a comment on her mothering abilities.  Excellent book so far, by the way = been meaning to read it for a long time.

Thank goodness I just got a pile of immunostains so I can quit pondering this.

By the way, we learned, on the heels of a Nebraska spring snowstorm that kicked up right after Mike and Effie tied the knot, that Annie and Dave got engaged in Panama!  I just got asked to be in the wedding and am SOOO excited - I never thought I'd be a bridesmaid (I prefer maid to matron) again.  Tentative date:  October 24.  More weddings, weddings . . .

Congratulations Dave and Annie!!!!!  Sorry the title of this blog where I mention your engagement is black, tarry, foul-smelling stool.  May you have none of that (personally, of course, you are doctors) in your future together.

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