Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vermin in the Basement

I swam a mile on Saturday - first time to exercise by swimming in years. It felt amazing. I am still sore.

Last week at work I was talking to a criminal defense lawyer turned path assistant - his time with my group predates my own. He tells cool stories. We were waiting for a frozen. We started on music, and that somehow turned into a David Lynch love fest. While emerging from that mutually beneficial intellectual undertaking, he recommended "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" directed by Gus Van Sant. I told him I remembered wanting to see it based on the previews but it got such poor ratings I never got around to it. His reply, "Well, the critics often get it wrong. Because most people are stupid. You need to watch it." I did tonight. It was bizarre and amazing. And (surprise) dedicated to my childhood heart throb - River Phoenix.

I'm excited to turn over the call pager tomorrow morning.

I'm closing on a new house Friday. I haven't managed to sell mine yet. Anyone want to buy a house?

I love wearing band t-shirts and frayed, torn jean shorts and edgy snake sandals and bumping into school moms at fancy grocery stores. Will she still allow her kid to play with mine? I think so based on our conversation. Who cares, really.

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