Monday, July 7, 2014


I picked up one of oh about 40 cases today. This was an easy one - one slide. The specimen name is always written in all caps, so it screams at you. PANCREAS. ANTRUM. ESOPHAGOGASTRECTOMY. This was a new one for me.  I laughed and called the path assistant on the report.

Me: Do you remember that case you grossed in over the weekend? Thromb rrhoids?

Path Assistant: I guess that's an abbreviation for thrombosed hemorrhoids. It sounded like the name of a giant exotic drum.

Me: It certainly looks like hemorrhoids. Focally clotted. I guess you are right.

I was talking to a partner later about a consult on the phone. He's less than 40 feet away but on a busy call day with lots of frozens it's easier to pick up the phone. I decided to pick his brain about my new specimen.

Me: Have you heard this one before?

Partner: I think there is a band with that name.

Me: Really? I'll have to look that up.

Partner: Their first album was "Rectal Heartbeat"

Me: Ok now I know you are pulling my leg.

Partner: Are you still planning on going to that molecular urology dinner at fancy restaurant's wine cellar tonight?

Me: Yes.

Partner: Don't order the tube steak.

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