Thursday, July 10, 2014

Was an incredibly painful place to be. But ultimately productive. I guess you could call me a match veteran. Two years out, I can finally turn the battle scars into comedy.

If I told you about every miserable coffee date I could fill up a book. But I thought I might turn it into a series. Weave the stories into my blog.

You could weed a lot of the guys out by their pictures. Shirtless guys next to their boat. Guys in camo toting guns bigger than their torso. Creepy guys who didn't post a pic at all (faceless shadow men) but wrote you tomes as if they knew you.

This guy I had already nixed. He took a selfie (before that term became mainstream) in front of his mirror in a wife beater shirt with a backwards ball cap. Sure he had a nice face and some impressive guns but still. You get a lot of messages to which there is no response. This was one of them.

"Hey good lookin wanna do somethin here's my digits text me don't call I'm usually busy at work at my gym but I'll get back 2 U when I can and we can set somethin up."

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