Sunday, July 6, 2014

Holiday Weekend Movie Reviews

I'm tired, so this will be brief.

Sometimes the critics get it wrong.

Maleficent was incredible. Yes the effects were sometimes a bit child-like and seemed to be repeated/pirated from other movies. Aren't they all. But the story was amazing and the slow-pacing was refreshing in this age of manic kid movies. It's nice for villains to be recognized for the heroes they truly are. And even if Angelina Jolie plays a similar hard character over and over, she is such a real life badass that I can buy into it - the few movies of hers I actually see. I filled my kids in with her recent headlines - championing against using abuse of women as a war tactic. Also my daughter with remote headlines - her arguable but personally defensive decision for a double mastectomy based on her family history and genetic predisposition to breast cancer. The movie story, while predictable, still brought tears to my eyes in one scene (and laughter when I caught my daughter watching me fill with emotion and roll her eyes). Go see it or rent it.

Sometimes the critics get it right.

How to Train Your Dragon 2. We re-watched How to Train Your Dragon this morning in preparation, despite having seen it twice five years ago. It might have been better than the first. At least equal.

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